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Domestic Violence

Aggressive Defense of Domestic Violence Charges

Have you been accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse? Has a spouse or significant other filed an order for protection against you? Have you lost access to your children?

Former municipal court judge Arthur R. Carmano of the Carmano Law Firm in Freehold knows what you are going through. We have successfully defended people just like you for more than 30 years.

We will contest any legal means used to keep you from your home or family. We work to protect your right to share in making decisions concerning your children.

Accusations of domestic abuse are often revealed to be false. We will see to it that the true story of what's happening inside your home comes out. If your case goes to court, you can depend on attorney Carmano's track record of success in dealing with judges and juries.

Call us today at 732.761.0001 to set up an appointment to discuss the specifics of the allegations against you. Your first consultation with us is always free of charge.

The Carmano Law Firm: Home of a Former Municipal Court Judge

Former municipal court judge, Arthur R. Carmano will aggressively protect your rights against unfounded allegations of domestic violence such as:

  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Terroristic threats
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Child abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Assault
  • Criminal trespass

If your divorce proceedings have become contentious and you find yourself the target of domestic violence accusations, we want to know about it. You deserve the kind of effective defense that safeguards your future, your family life and your reputation.

Your Free Consultation with Arthur R. Carmano

Please contact our law firm in Freehold right away if we can be of service. Let's discuss the serious nature of the domestic violence charges you are facing during your free initial consultation. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 732.761.0001.

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