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The Carmano Law Firm Knows Bankruptcy Protection

Have you fallen on hard times due to loss of employment, a divorce or mounting medical bills? If you have, you aren't alone. We are living in difficult economic times, but you should know that you do have options.

Arthur R. Carmano, of the Carmano Law Firm in Freehold, can explain your protection options and help you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. It's the safe, legal way to obtain debt relief and get your financial life back on track. We have helped New Jersey residents with timely bankruptcy advice for more than 30 years.

Find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you. With our sound legal and financial counsel, you can end creditor harassment and reclaim your life. Contact the Carmano Law Firm at 732.761.0001 to arrange your free initial consultation with bankruptcy attorney Arthur R. Carmano.

Helping You Avoid Creditor Harassment

If you meet with us for a free initial consultation, we can point out the advantages of claiming Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as:

  • Freedom from creditor harassment and debt collections
  • “Discharge” or elimination of many of your existing debts
  • An automatic stay that stops foreclosure actions and other lawsuits
  • Creation of liquidation strategies

We want to help you get back on your feet, legally and financially. Start sleeping soundly again with the peace of mind that comes with receiving quality legal advice. Our law office has provided that guidance to clients in New Jersey for more than 30 years.

We look forward to accompanying you on those first steps toward financial recovery during your free initial consultation.

Call For a Free Consultation: 732.761.0001

Declaring Bankruptcy isn't the end of the world. Bankruptcy laws are on the books for a reason — to help you bounce back from financial distress.

Contact us by e-mail to let us tell you more about debt relief under Chapter 7 bankruptcy or call as at 732.761.0001 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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